Greenhouse & Roofing Polycarbonate example photograph

Greenhouse & Roofing Polycarbonate

At Soden Plastics we offer a range of polycarbonate that's particularly suitable for greenhouses and roofing projects.Our roofing Polycarbonate starts at 10mm ideal for car ports etc, we then have 16mm and 25mm for covering rooms to help reduce the heat loss.This comes in a range of colours, Clear, Opal and Bronze. In the 25mm we also have a heat gaurd which is Opal on the inside and Silver on the outside.

For greenhouses, we have the 4mm twin wall Polycarbonate which comes only in clear. This is ideal for frost protection in winter months due to the cavity. Our polycarbonate is lightweight with excellent impact resistance, is weather and impact resistant, and holds a Class 1 BS 476/7 Fire rating.