Our Secondary glazing system are the simple and most popular way to help reduce your heat bills and reduce outdoor noise. 

We have 3 systems to choose from. Magnetglaze, Superglaze and Flexible edging and turn buttond for shaped windows and doors.

Magnet glaze is the most popullar or the systems as it is so easy to use.

Magnetglaze consists two strips that attach to your Plastic and window frame. You have a white self adhesive steel to go on to your frame, with a white backed self adhesive magnet to go onto your Acrylic /Perspex sheet.

Magnetglaze is only for use on plastic Acrylic sheeting as glass is to heavy and would slide. Larger panel can benefit from a couple of turn buttons placed on each side to stop from slipping if needed.

Here are some instructions for how to measure and use.

To measure for your Secondary glazing measure the window pane and add 25mm on each measurement, this allows for the tapes which are 12.5mm wide, to fit nicely to your frame. The minimum width of frame should be approx 19mm, this is to allow you to remove easily for your Summer use of ventilation.

When your panels have been cut for you. Remove the plastic film from one side of your panel and attach the magnetic strip the edge of your sheet.

Hold your panel against the window frame till you are happy you have it square, draw a pencil line arround the panel so you have a mark to use.

Place the self adhesive steel tape to the edge of your pencil line, this will give you a good thermal seal to help save energy costs and also noise reduction.

For larger panels fix one or two turn buttons to help hold in place if needed.

Now sit back and enjoy your Secondary glazing.