Our Magnetglaze Secondary glazing is the simple and most popular way to help reduce your heat bills and reduce outdoor noise. Magnetglaze consists two strips that attach to your Plastic and window frame. You have a white self adhesive steel to go on to your frame, with a white backed self adhesive magnet to go onto your Acrylic /Perspex sheet.

Magnetglaze is only for use on plastic Acrylic sheeting as glass is to heavy and would slide. Larger panel can benefit from a couple of turn buttons placed on each side to stop from slipping if needed.

We also have two other options for you to consider. Super Glaze is a more permenant method of fixing as these trims are screwed to your window frame to hold your panels.

Flexible edging and turn buttonsis your other option, this is best for round and arched windows as the PVCedging can be mitred to your requirements. The turn buttons then hold your panels in place.

Please call us if you need help chosing which system would be best for your needs.