All of us at Soden Plastics would like to wish all of our customers a Happy New Year!


Now we are in 2017, it is the time to start planning your projects for the coming year! 


Polycarbonate roofing is used for carports, garden pagodas and conservatories and lean-tos. Our polycarbonate is available in three colours; clear, bronze and opal, and in a range of thicknesses! Polycarbonate roofing is both lightweight and durable and is suited to many different needs. The range in thickness alters the durability of the roofing, with thicker sheets having increased strength, the thicker sheets also provide more insulation and less light transmission. The staff at Soden Plastics can advise you to which type of sheet is best suited to your project!


We stock the full range of corrugated PVC roofing sheets in various sizes and profiles. We also supply all of the bars, trims, and fixings that you would need!


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