We have a vast range of Coloured and Clear Perspex, which are ideal for many uses including Splahbacks, Bathrooms and features.

The bright high gloss colours really enhance your Kitchen Splashbacks to make a nice feature between cupboards and work tops. The benifits are that you have no grout to keep clean, you can keep clean easily with soapy water and a soft cloth. You can cut plug sockets out so the perspex sits behind the plugs.

Coloured Acrylic also make a great contrast in bathrooms as you could make a feature wall at the back of the bath or shower. The large range of colours gives you plenty of choice. The benifits are that you would have no tiles and grout to keep scrubbing and cleaning.

The colour range is from solid colours to frosted colours and clear if you wanted a petition screen for privacy.

Clear Acrylic/ Perspex has to many use to mention, but this time of the year is ideal for Secondary glazing your home. This is the best way to insulate your Cottage, Listed building or Conservation area, where you can not replace the windows.

Secondary glazing works out at least 90% cheaper than replacing you windows. Please read our other blogs for more information.