Acrylic mirror is a great way to create a feature in your garden, to make it look bigger and brighter!

The acrylic mirror can be fixed onto ply or foamex to make the mirror more rigid, also the backing on acrylic mirror is the same as glass mirror but is safe to use outside! 

Acrylic mirror has many other uses in and about the home such as being used on wardrobe doors, in bathrooms, home gyms as well as lots of other uses. The acrylic mirror is also useful in schools, hospitals, gyms and residential homes due to the strength of the mirror.

Acrylic mirror is 8 times stronger than glass mirror of the same thickness, and we stock acrylic mirror in 3mm and 5mm thickness.

Glue cannot be used to secure your mirror as it will react with the backing and cause pitting.

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SP :-)